Looking for good TikTok video Ideas for your brand’s TikTok handle and don’t know where to start? Check out this guide to starting a TikTok account for your business.

Tiktok's popularity is growing by the minute and the video-sharing platform is set to overtake social media giants Facebook and Instagram as the most downloaded App worldwide. This uptick in Tiktok's popularity has influenced many a business to invest the content strategy in the platform.

Tiktok is increasingly trending in the world and the digital-savvy Generation Z loves it. TikTok has over 800 million active users worldwide. This has made a large number of companies adapt and as well receive traffic from TikTok. Chipotle, Spikeball, Elf Cosmetics, Pepsi India, NBA, Calvin Klein and Universal Pictures are among the many companies that are already fascinated and are using TikTok. It has now become necessary to incorporate good TikTok video ideas in your marketing plan. TikTok marketing campaign and reach new leads with engaging, relevant content that breaks traditional barriers. Here are a few marketing strategies to gain more followers and traffic in TikTok and stay ahead of your competitors. Use these tips to create your content and flourish in the world of TikTok.

These are the 5 best Tiktok Video ideas to include in your marketing strategy

Start a dance challenge with Branded Jingles

Tiktok is where both professionals and amateurs come together to show their dance skills. Create a dance challenge for your followers with a branded jingle. Mcdonald's does it well with it Big Mac challenge.

Show behind the scenes videos

Provide a glimpse of a day in the life of your employees. Some brands like Chipotle and Starbucks are using their own spin on it. Whether you create funny dramatic videos with your products or show people how to make them, the floor is all yours.

Find creative ways to show your products

There's 101 ways to put your product on display. Fashion brands can make the most of it by doing a quick outfit swap. Checkout this video by Gymshark.

Show Highlight Reels from your events

NBA has one of the most popular Tiktok accounts in the platform. Their feed usually consists of highlight reels from previous games. But what if you don't have a high paced action-reel to fall back to every week?

Re purpose your webinars, conferences or past videos to create small snippets. With a dash of creativity and Tiktok magic, you will be surprised by what you can do.

Show fun ways to use your products

It looks like anything can be turned into a challenge these days with TikTok. You can find fun things to do with your products (like chipotle did) and ask fans to recreate they own versions.

How to incorporate TikTok into your marketing Strategy

Do your research

The first and most important step is to research. Research helps in obtaining the information required for you to jumpstart towards building great content keeping in mind your niche. Not just in TikTok, research plays the most important role in any business.learn all about your competitors and the type of content they are creating. What you need to focus on is the type of content that’s trending and is appreciated by the audience. Dig in to learn about the specifics of the success your competitors receive through their contents. These specifics can help you suggest and calculate the traffic received. You may also be able to recognise a few mistakes that your competitors may be making and avoid those when you build your contents. By filling the void and doing things differently one can stand out.

Identify your goal

You need to figure out what you want and are willing to achieve from your videos. Like the desired number of followers you are targeting or maybe the target views per video or even your conversion rate from those videos. If you have a goal in mind then it becomes easy to work towards and in accordance to fulfil them. But first, make sure your buyer persona suits and is fit for TikTok. If it makes sense then find how your brand fits in and you’re good to go.

Create your account and verify it

A unique logo as your profile picture helps you stand out from other brands and your competitors. Make your name and username the same as your business name. Make sure you write an interesting bio. Add a link to a lead generation form or opt-in offer which also helps establish that your brand is legitimate and will get your profile verified.

Experiment with your content (be creative and crazy!)

Like any marketing campaign, your content is the king. One of the most entertaining ways to see what we like in social media networks is through the videos that have become super popular today. But to be able to attract your audience and promote your products successfully, we must create videos that have content with a high degree of utility and that are very creative. This ensures and keeps your followers and your audience interested. Your video must look interesting and fun so that it gets the desired attention and can add value to our users. People use many social media sites for entertainment hence it is very important to post fun content. The last thing you want is to bore your audience and followers.

Collaborate with Tiktok influencers

If you’re dedicated to doing your business without partners, there will be times when partnering with others is extremely necessary and inevitable in a kind of way. If you find someone from the same industry as you, you can share ideas to build great content for your customers. This will also help to broaden your customer base. The young generation seems to be following TikTok influencers and thought leaders in many aspects. Hence collaborating with influencers will only help you receive the most out of your content. Find the right TikTok influencers who fit best for your brand. Trying new things can prove to be good for your business. Learning from each other is a continuous process in this situation or matter.


Hashtags are very important in all social media, and TikTok is no exception when it comes to using the right hashtags. Choose relevant hashtags that are specific for your business and create unique branded hashtags that you can encourage audiences to use when posting content about your brand. Hashtags help your content gain more visibility that makes it easier for your audience to reach your content.

Invest in TikTok ads

Like any other social media TikTok also introduces new features that help businesses market their ads which ultimately helps them increase their leads and sales. You can use TikTok Pixels to track your conversions as well. Create different offers that match the needs of different segments in your audience. Set a budget and adjust it as per your business needs.

Improve interaction with your followers

An easy way to interact with followers is to ask questions. This helps you to connect with your fans on a more personal level which will ultimately make them feel committed and loved. You could also have them choose their position in some controversial issues of life. You could reach a broader audience in this process as different people have different views. Try and keep the answer neutral. Allow the flow of the discussion on its own while you play the role of a moderator. Also make sure you upload posts during peak hours i.e., when your followers are mostly online. Research and identify the times your fans are online. In this way, by polishing your videos at that time you will gain more viewers.

Participate in Tiktok challenges

Music plays the most important role in TikTok. You could call it the soul of TikTok. Hence picking the right song for your video could make it one of the reasons to go viral. You could simply select from the available clips or you could just play from any device while recording the video. (Note: its best to use the music clips that are already available else there could be copyright violations).

Challenges are the best part of TikTok. It unites the TikTok community and is mostly sponsored by advertisers. Participating in challenges set by other brands is beneficial as well since it allows you to publicize your brand to an audience that it could not reach and part of the traffic generated will result in sales. Keep in mind to share content that is useful in a way that people can speak to your brand. Also do participate in challenges. Different types of challenges have started to go viral in TikTok. From dance challenges to meme challenges, people are following and participating in it like crazy. Keep your ear to the ground to see new challenges and gain inspiration from them. (how & why to participate in challenges)

Crowdsource comments

Once you increase participation and improve interaction with your followers it is easier to gain comments in your content. You need to have comments to remain notable to your audience. That’s when you know whether or not they love your content. One of the advantages it that people have no problem testing the comments. You just have to ask them in a good and interesting way. You can ask questions where they can give sincere answers. You will be surprised to see the meaningful inputs that your audience provide.

Be consistent

TikTok mainly focuses on entertainment. So do what it takes to ensure regular updates of your TikTok videos and be consistent with it. Do track and evaluate the results. Also, keep a close eye on your campaign’s performance to ascertain your best performing content. These bits are often found very useful in providing important insights for your next campaigns and content.

Note: This article was originally written by Premanjali Roy. She is a blogger and fellow colleague at COdesign.