Healthcare Logo & Brand Identity Design simply doesn’t get the love it deserves. Compared to corporate Identities, there is a drastic lack of resources on the subject. This is alarming considering the widespread Pandemic and increasing pressure on healthcare professionals.

Design and Healthcare are two fields people don’t put together, but with the number of clinics and other Medical Institutions rising almost threefolds in the past decade Design is playing an increasingly important role.

In the face of growing demands, Designers have a role to play as well. Professionals in both Medicine and Communications agree that Design can identify and frame problems otherwise unnoticed. It is the esteemed role of a designer to curate visual and experiential journey patients go through in facilities.

Why Design in Healthcare is more important than ever:

For Patients & General Public

  • As medical facilities grow, there is an increase in the complexity surrounding customer service. Design aims to simplify communication and help patients navigate Hospitals and Medical Facilities.
  • There are more touchpoints in healthcare since digitization. Apps, Websites, Telemedicine might provide new opportunities but it also poses its challenges. Design unifies brand and customer experiences.
  • Complex ideas (like Pandemic awareness) are being communicated to general people. Visual Identities play a large role in how these messages are portrayed.

For Doctors, Medical Staff, and Owners

  • In the past decade, Healthcare has grown threefolds. For businesses to thrive, it must distinguish itself from competitors.
  • Logos, Brand Colors and Visual systems are a crucial part of the overall communication strategy. These systems are responsible for portraying the brand’s values, positioning, and KPIs.
  • Accessibility is vital for inclusion. Assets such as Iconography and Fonts add or subtract to visibility and proper communication.

How to approach Medical Logos and Brand Identities

Focus on Human-Entered Design

Customers and Patients seek trust and credibility from healthcare institutions. It is our responsibility to understand our customers and focus on their needs. When designing healthcare logos focus on creating simple, engaging and humanistic visuals.

Use Friendly Fonts

Fonts can have a strong impact on customer psyche. Traditionally, friendly fonts that maximize visibility and take inspiration from Calligraphy are the chosen fonts for this mission. Conversely, avoid Geometric fonts. Fonts like Helvetica can give off a cold and sterile vibe. Emotions that should not be associated with health and wellbeing.

Opt for Primary Colors

There are no hard and fast rules for colors in healthcare logo design. But primary colors with low saturations provide the warmth and friendliness people seek from Medical Institutions. Choose a color like green which stands for vitality and wellbeing. Other colors like blue can offer warmth and trustworthiness.

30 Inspiring Healthcare Logos from Behance

Let's take a look at some of the best Logos Behance has to offer. These designers have designed some of the most innovative logos and brand identities. Complete with compelling visual systems,iconography and accompanying assets. For the aspiring designer, these designs will provide a starting point for your own Healthcare Logo Design.

1. Askin' by Mission Design

Why we love Askin'?

Askin's brand ideology is defined by its clever combination of form and function. It's use of San Serif Fonts and Clean outlook offers a professional but approachable vibe. Not to forget, that wonderful logo not only looks good, it also has symbolic significance.

Askin' is a tele-medicine startup. It uses Smartphones to diagnose skin anomalies. Askin' communicates its focus on Smartphone based diagnosis by introducing graphical elements in their ads.  

2. Vuelo Pharma by Saad, Cleber and Carlos

Why we love Vuelo Pharma?

Is it too early to be breaking rules? It's only the second example in our list but Vuelo already breaks all the rules. the brand is bold and equally loud. Designers Saad, Cleber and Carlos explains that behind the vibrant new identity there is a solid backstory.

Vuelo Pharma foremerly Membracel is changing how people think of medicine. The rebranding focuses on new beginnings, seeking different perspectives and new opportunities. A whole new approach in brand position if you ask me but it works.

3. Belleville Dental Care by Kostya

Why we love Belleville ?

All is well in paradise again. Belleville Dental Care is great example of what healthcare logos should be. Calm. Tranquil, Modern and Minimalist. This Brand Identity system exudes premium service and all-round professionalism.

4. Hermes and Atemporal Agency

Why we love

In addition to that great logo has come up with a very profound Visual System. From colour choice to fonts, the identity is a token of professional healthcare branding.

We're impressed by the soothing colours and its subsequent use in banner ads. The turquoise blue palette reminds us of a very professional outfit. Guranteed, you would be able to recognize a Hayturno commercial from miles away.

5. PharmIQ by Insigniada

Why we love PharmIQ?

PharmaIQ might be one of the simplest brand identity systems in this list. With it's soothing color palette and friendly font combination, PharmIQ proves how less is more.

6. Alexander Audiology by Deuce Studios

Why we love Alexander Audiology?

This Brand identity uses a contrast of Vibrant colours in its logo with a black & white background. The result, a logo that pops right into your screen. We love how the logo serves as a dynamic asset through out the visual assets. The titular audio wave serves as both a symbol and visual identifier in their communications creating a distinct identity in the process.

7. Modern Fertility by Melody & Elaine

Why we love Modern Fertility?

The brand's use of minimalist Type and bold shapes and figure create assurance and comfort. In an otherwise Taboo industry, the designers try to break that "last taboo" with their open and honest brand identity system. The "M" mark scores big points in our book. With the underlying "U" curve denoting fertility, the brand focuses on fertility, individuality and your future.

The abstract shapes stand in contrast to the mostly greyscale logo. The circular shapes are mostly comforting and have an artistic quality to it. Whereas the San Serif Type provides comfort in an otherwise overwhelming subject matter.

8. Hospital Braga by Rui Granjo

Why we love Hospital Braga?

Bravo to the designers for taking such a creative route. The Braga Hospital Branding takes inspiration from local art, architecture and culture. It then combines it with healthcare symbols to form a relatable, humanistic Logo and Branding System.

9. Neobi by Alessandro Scarpelleni

Why we love Neobi?

Neobi stands out with its modern type Logo in a sea of combination marks. Type logos generally rely on the strength of the font to convey the brand message. Neobi does this it by using all lowercase alphabets and a very smooth circular font.

The colour palette in this system also deserves praise. We are comforted by cool but vibrant colours which work very well with the basic shapes used in their assets.

10. CC clinic by M & A Creative Agency

Why we love CC Clinic?

While the soft purple hues can be a little effeminate, the overall brand identity is very clean, modern and comforting. It uses a friendly San Serif Font much like what we've been accustomed to so far.

11. Squire System by Ahmed Hassan

Why we love Squire Systems?

Squire Systems is a collaborative task management software for the medical industry. This puts it in a unique position from rest of the brands in this list. Squire sees itself as both a tech company and a provider in the healthcare space.

The Brand Identity System does justice to both industries by  blending elements consciously. The end result is a futuristic but approachable brand that medical professionals can relate to in their daily operations.

12. Lumio by Marius Christensen

Why We love Lumio?

Besides having a soothing color palette Lumio delivers on the promise of smiles. The overall brand portrays happiness and joy. What makes this brand identity so successful, is the use of clean san serifs with a very dynamic visual style.

The brand focuses on the end benefit of bringing smiles rather than talking about dentistry. And that, makes Lumio a much more relatable brand than its peers.

13.   Lancet by Electric Brand Consultants and Sabina

Why we love Lancet?

Lancet is every design Geek's dream turned real. It uses the famous golden ratio to design its logomark. Takes inspiration from Leonardo's Truvian man and emphasises on accurate measurements.

But at the end of the day, what stands out is Lancet's glorious Type. It is bold,modern and befitting of Russia's leading cosmetic surgery centre.

14. Sanar by Yasser

Why we love Sanar?

Sanar manages to gracefully blend healthcare with technology by creating a identity that focuses on simplicity. The brand differentiates itself with the use of cool primary colors and a unique "S" shape. The "S" is seen in both the logo and as an identifier in its brand assets.

According to Yasser, the design was meant to work on traditional ideas of what healthcare should be. Comforting, Simple and Health focused. But, he also adapts it for digital platforms and doesn't let people forget that Sanar is a tech company.

15. Dentacomet by Piotr

Why we love Dentacomet?

Perhaps Dentacomet plays it really close to the heart with this identity. The color combinations are in line with other corporate and medical visuals in and around Sweden. As well as its modern San Serif Fonts, which gives off a scandanivian vibe.

Could Piotr have challenged conventions? Probably. Does he have to? Not necessarily because the Brand Identity and logo works perfectly for the startup Dental Clinic.

16. Metagene by Flow Design

Why we love Metagene?

Metagene is first and foremost very corporate. Unlike other companies in this list, Metagene is a research lab and understandably focuses on a separate set of audiences.

Flow Design uses bold Primary colours and San Serif Fonts in this identity to portray a modern research facility.

17.  Aurora by Ruchika

Why we love Aurora?

Aurora breaks a few rules when it comes to healthcare branding. But it does it in a marvellous fashion. What is noteworthy that all the elements truly work when together to form a very amicable brand identity.

It is one of the few Brand Identities to use Serif Fonts. It also uses highly saturated colours for the fonts. However, it blends it with a cool shade of greenish blue to bring about a soothing visual experience.

18. ama + me by Jão

Why we Love ama + me?

ama + me is the only medicinal cannabis company in this list. As such Jão does a wonderful job of legitimising the company.

ama + me sports a lot of vibrant colours in the branding. We think it works wonderfully to make the brand both serious but approachable to its customers. The cannabis industry has a lot of hurdles to pass before it is widely accepted. ama + me leads the way in bringing a new movement in the medicine industry.

19. Blueline by Joannis

Why we love Blueline?

The Blueline Logo is simple and straightforward. Held to its side it looks like a hearth but you don't need me to tell you that. The Logo also signifies the digital emoticon for hearts - "<3" and loosely resemble the ascii codes.

One more thing, the business card adds braille for the visually impaired. Additional points for accessibility to Blueline.

20. Midlands Regional Hospital by William

Why we love Midlands Regional Hospital?

Midlands stands out for it pop colours and crisp Iconography. It uses the colours frequently in combinations of Blue and Green reemphasising its brand identity at every touch point.

21. Volving by DDG Brand Consultancy

Why we love Volving?

The one-stroke Logo mark symbolises one-stop solution. A trait we appreciate very much. But what stands out is the combination of Taiwanese (Mandarin) and English in the Logo to create a more inclusive Brand for all their customers.

The use of calming hues and clean cut lines in its iconography serve to create a very premium brand. Volving provides personalised well being services, which we can only presume costs an arm and a leg. So, sacrificing approachability for Premiumness could be understandable in this instance.

22. Physiotherapie Schnyder by KFD and Studio ATA

Why we love Physiotherapie Schnyder?

We've talked about Dynamic Logos before in this blog. This Logo is totally unique in the way it operates. The A and V stand for the owner's names and are connected by a line. Most often, the structure of the line represent a state of emotion or experience.

23.  Medis by Y & R Branding

Why we love Medis?

The Medis Logo concept uses the idea of healthcare and individuality to create a striking Logo Mark. The team behind Y & R has come up with a system that focuses on the human aspect of health insurance. The communication is focused and tries to humanize people by talking about personal stories rather than lumping human experience into categories or classes.

24. UPO Life by Elvijs

Why we love UPO Life?

We love how the simplicity of the Branding lends itself to clarity. Moreover, boxing the "life" part of name brings our attntion to life, an important concept that is repeated through out the brand.

25. Visualitté by Lucas

Why we love Visualitté?

Sharp, Elegant and Focused is what comes to mind when you see Visualitté. There is a premium feel to the brand but it works in establishing reliability and trust. The identity also works smoothly across various platforms. This includes both Digital channels like Facebook and Printed materials.

26. Serve Healthcare by Tanishka

Why we love Serve Healthcare?

Serve Healthcare offers healthcare facilities, equipment and consumer products. This makes the designing of a brand identity a tall order in the first place. But Serve does it well by focusing on professionalism with bold primarily colours and a beautiful typeset.

While it is possible, that Serve's brand identity might not work with core health care services like medicine and hospitals, the brand scores high marks in other areas.

27. Niravo by Ze Tan

Why we love Niravo?

Niravo uses type creatively along with its strikingly bold symbols. We can vision a lot of creative applications of the Logo through out its touch points.

Additionally, Nirvavo was created to portray an upscale brand for premium products. The sombre colour palette and subtle contrasts play up the "premium is in the details" card pretty well.

28. Pharmadoctor by Agnieszska

Why we love Pharmadoctor?

The logo in itself is nothing to scoff at. But, what makes this identity so attractive is its use of iconography and infographics. The clean visuals simplifies complex concepts and clearly communicates services and pharamcists available to customers.

29. Costello by Danielle, Charlotte and Danielle

Why we love Costello?

Growing pains, is what describes Costello's evolving brand identity. As the company grows, the brand identity also worked jointly to create a coherent unified brand across all of Costello's concerns.

The Costello Brand Guideline is divided into three parts:

  • The Costello Heritage Identity focuses on Professionalism, Knowledge and Innovation.
  • The Recruitment identity is bright and bold in contrast to the Heritage palette.
  • The professional identity is broader allowing designers a broader palette to design presentations and communication materials.

30. HOSC by Feitoria Lab

Why we love HOSC?

Simple, Comforting and Modern, the rebranding of HOSC an Eye hospital based in Brazil aims to connect with its audience through a comforting brand identity.