You are here because you realise that hiring a local agency is expensive. And that outsourcing Design and Marketing work to a Digital Marketing Agency in Bangladesh, is the smarter route. You’re not alone. The Outsourcing market is amounted to $92.5 Billion in 2019 and still growing.

Before you visit a freelancing websites today, let’s address the elephant in the room. Outsourcing a freelance agency is difficult.It's tedious, there’s way too many companies and no guaranteed way to find the right talent. So how do we solve this problem?

But first, let’s take a look and see if hiring in Bangladesh is the right fit for you:

  • Bangladeshi Outsourcing companies tend to be cheaper than local companies.
  • A highly educated workforce allows you to find the right person for any job
  • Bangladesh offers range i.e. you can hire anywhere from low-skilled to highly-skilled people.
  • Bangladesh is open to working on flexible contracts

Best Jobs to outsource in Bangladesh

  • Web Design and Development: Over 22% of our freelancers are in this field.
  • Logo and Brand Identity Design: 24% Freelancers and Agencies call themselves designers.
  • Sales and Marketing: There are over 2,568 Digital Marketing Agencies in Bangladesh. 40% of all outsourcing jobs are done in Bangladesh goes to this field.
  • Copywriting & Blogging: A growing field in outsourcing, it is small but has enormous potential.

The 6 simple steps to Outsourcing any job online.

Choose the right platform

As outsourcing grows, platforms like Freelancer and Upwork continue to thrive. A growing trend in recent times has been the specialisation of skills a platform is known for. Here is a list of Freelancing websites where you can outsource jobs:

  • Freelancer: Low-Medium Skilled Designers, Copywriters and Micro-workers
  • Upwork: Medium to High Skilled Designers, Copywriters, Coders, Lawyers, Accountants and more.
  • TopTal: Highly skilled workers from every skill. Strong focus on Coding and Development.
  • Contently: A platform solely for writers. The platform curates highly skilled journalists and writers to offer a more premium service.

Write a detailed job description

The prevailing myth is that freelancers are thirsty for any job available. In US, 31% freelancers earn over $70,000 a month. The average freelancer in Bangladesh earns 10x the median wage. If you want to attract the write talent, put effort into your JD.

Here’s some tips to write better job descriptions:

  • Do not seek jack of all trades, they are good at none. When creating jobs that need two or more different skills, create separate postings.
  • Write a descriptive headline that explains the job. For example, don’t write “Graphics designer needed” write instead “ Graphics designer needed to design a brand identity for a Teen Clothing Apparel Brand”
  • Define the job skills that are needed to complete the task. This could be easier said than done. Consult a technical person to offer guidance. Ask them, what are skills required to complete this task before posting.
  • Provide important information like company description, job role, key responsibilities and goals of the project.
  • Avoid fluff words and rambling on for too long. Only share relevant information the freelancer needs to get the job done.
  • Categorise your jobs properly. Freelancers look for jobs within their categories and skillsets. Ensure that you check all the write boxes to find people who match with your requirements.

Resist the urge to hire the first person that applies

An attractive job offer will attract skilled freelancers and agencies alike. However, expect some low-skilled applicants as well. Go through all the applicants before calling in for interviews. You never know when you find the right match.

Conduct an interview

Outsourcing work is like hiring a new employee. Have a questionnaire ready to ask the interviewee. Look out for important characteristics like personality, experience and compatibility.

You can start any interview by asking these questions:

  • Have you worked on a similar project before?
  • Are you comfortable working remotely?
  • Why do you think you are a good fit for this job?
  • What recommendations do you have to ensure that this project is a success?

Reward the assignment to a qualified candidate. But, start with a small project.

It can help to breakdown your project by milestones. Start your relationship by dipping your feet into the pool first before taking the dive. Assign smaller tasks at the beginning, then slowly climb your ways to bigger tasks.

Verify your payment method.

Trust is the cornerstone of remote work. Verifying your payment method ensures that your partner will be paid when  the job is done. This in turn provides partners with confidence and enthusiasm to work with you.

Moreover, most platforms also provide a “payment verified” badge to promote verified users. Not only that, verified users get more offers as well.

Outsourcing through a platform is one of the ways to get your job done. But what if your project is really complex? Would a freelancer be able to handle it alone? Would you rather hire an established company? In that case, try reaching out to the them instead of the other way around.

Here is how you can find an outsourcing partner online

Google it

Is there an answer that Google does not have? Whether you’re searching for an individual or a company simply search it online. Here are a few keywords that will find the right company every time:

  • [Digital Marketing Agency] + [Location]
  • [Software Development Company] + [Location]
  • [Logo Designer] + [Location]
  • Hire a [Insert job] + in [location]

Go on Behance

Behance is a content sharing platform for designers. The platform is host to the best designers in the world. So if you’re in search of a designer, Behance is where you start. Use the following search terms:

  • [Your Business Industry] + [Logos]
  • [Your Business Industry] + [Brand Identity]
  • [Competitor's Name] + [Brand Identity]

Behance also sorts its content by categories. So, pick the right categories to find work you need.

There’s millions of designers on behance, once you find some one you like, try contacting them and strike out a deal. Most designers on Behance are looking for a job.


Do you want to find an outsourcing company quickly? Try It is an aggregator of companies that provide Design, Advertising, Software Development, business consulting and customer support services.

You can also visit their competitors. Goodfirms, Agency spotter, G2 and Sortlist are just some names to start you off.


Bangladesh is quickly becoming the world’s favourite outsourcing destination. Second only to India, it is gradually rising in the ranks. As the business environment changes, it is a highly appropriate time to look into outsourcing as a means to reduce cost, increase efficiency and hire better talent. Hopefully, you’ll find what you’re looking for here in Bangladesh.