Introducing Bracipedia a custom made E-learning platform for BRAC - used extensively for training and development of BRAC's 65,000 + employees spread around the nation.

The Problem

Training over 65,000 employees on various issues such as corporate governance, culture,  workplace safety and other essential matters poses a big challenge for any company. Before Bracipedia, BRAC relied on small communal classes across various parts of the country to educate their employees on issues it deemed important. Not only was this cumbersome, it was also expensive and time consuming. The result, training sessions were often delayed and in worst-case scenarios neglected in its entirety.

The Solution

As one of the most promising emerging Software Development Companies in Bangladesh, we designed and developed Bracipedia, a fully customised, tailor made E-learning platform for BRAC.

Bracipedia stamps our efforts to becoming the best software development company in Bangladesh. The E-learning platform not only focuses on premium aesthetics but also high-functionality.


  • A state of the art Learning Management platform for the largest NGO in the world. Bracipedia is one-in-all learning platform for users to upload, update and manage educational content for BRAC employees to enhance their learning and education.
  • Cloud-based software allows users to access the platform from any location across the globe.
  • Multiple roles and levels of access - administrators who control the platform, instructors who upload and manage content, team leaders who are responsible for assigning courses and students who get to learn online.
  • Dashboards arrange data and vital information in ways that are easy for users to understand.
  • Easy to use course editor, hassle-free Sign Up  and customized certifcation  upon completion.
  • User-friendly design, offline access, and browser/app-native notification

Our Process

Design thinking in action.

Fully Responsive Design

Over 75% of all internet users experience websites through smart-phone. Bracipedia was made with a mobile first approach ensuring users receive a uniform experience across all devices.

The Impact

Since the website was developed over 75,000 students have enrolled in the courses for a total of 250,000 times. The platform regularly generates real time reports, analytics and leaderboards for students and instructors.

Bracipedia's success has led other departments within the organisation to follow in its suite. Currently more wings of BRAC's organisation are exploring how to use E-learning to train youth leaders, field operators and Employees as well.