27 Powerful Facebook Marketing Tools that will save you time and money in 2020

This year we’ve experimented and fell in love with 27 powerful Facebook marketing tools to boost up our marketing campaigns. From content curation to publishing, we’ve focused on getting better analytics, curating content ideas and automating repetitive tasks. Here’s our list of tools you can use to improve your marketing strategy whether you’re a small business or a large corporation.


Upfluence is an all-in-one influencer marketing tool. Find influencers relevant to your brands, plan outreach campaigns and measure ROI using this handy tool. Add the free Upfluence extension to analyze influencer’s audience and see where your influencer’s followers come from, gender and also percent of real/fake followers.

Upfluence is an all-in-one influencer marketing platform. The tool allows you to search for influencers within your niche and share relevant information to help you make better decisions.

Upfluence’s chrome extension comes with some really handy features:

  • Visit any influencer’s profile to see where their followers come from
  • Check for fake followers in your influencer’s profile
  • Find out engagement rates, average reacts, comments and shares per post

Social Blade

Social Blade is another influencer marketing tool to watch out for. The software distinguishes itself though by not only helping you with analytics but has an expert panel to help you grow your YouTube channel.

Copy-writing tools

Headline Analyzer by Coschedule

This tool helps you create emotive copy, suggests improvements such as adding more emotive language, shortening your headlines and simplifies your copy. Headline Analyzer also analyzes your sentence structure to score you on the overall readability of your copy.


While the free version of this tool itself is quite powerful, premium users get a whole host of cool features. You can use the extension to ensure your captions always go out without grammatical errors. Whereas the premium features can also suggest better sentence structures, improve vocabulary and monitor the use of offensive language.

Content Curation Tools


DrumUp’s marketing tools not only allows managing your social media accounts but curates content ideas to keep the content flowing. The content curator looks up relevant articles, posts, and blogs based on feeds you set up for your account.


Feedly is one more content curation tool that makes our list of awesome Facebook marketing tools. In addition to creating content streams, Feedly also fetches relevant content from YouTube channels and twitter feeds. Feedly also seamlessly integrates with Evernote, Trello, and slack making it easier to collaborate across teams.


BuzzSumo is a more comprehensive content curation tool that can be used to generate ideas for Facebook posts, YouTube videos, Blogs and much more. What BuzzSumo does better than others is that it partners you with key influencers in your field and helps create powerful content across a stream of social media platforms.

Contests & Giveaway tools

Contest by Agora Pulse

Manage contests on Facebook with Agora Pulse’s free sweepstake tools. While you can select winners manually without using Contest, the app allows you to host quizzes, sweepstakes, and photo contests and select winners based on the number of likes (on their comments) or at random.

Barometer by Agora Pulse

This is by far our favourite free marketing tool for Facebook. The Barometer plots your Facebook page’s analytics in a visually telling array of graphs and stats. Once you log in with your Facebook account, it prompts you with the option to compare pages you manage with the industry average. Find side-by-side metrics from your Facebook pages of:

  • Engagement
  • Viral Reach
  • CTR
  • People Talking About

Content Scheduling and listening tools

Hubspot Marketing Suite

Hubspot might be known for its jack of all trades marketing software but this amazing product makes our list for its intuitive Social Media planner and analytics software. You can use Hubspot’s social media tools to post content on multiple platforms, find best times to post your content, listen to brand mentions and measure ROI like you’ve never done before.


Buffer’s social media planner is great for working on large projects where you need to collaborate with other people in your team and manage levels of access for members. You can assign who gets to approve drafts or limit users from scheduling posts for keeping tight control of your social media team.

Additionally: Check out their content customisation tool to tailor-make each post for different social media channels.

Fan Page Karma

While there are very few things that Fan Page Karma does that the other listed social media planning tools don’t, this tool still makes our list for it’s easy to use Competitive analysis reports and up-to-date data on what rival pages are doing. With a sleek user interface, Fan Page Karma stands toe-to-toe with other products in this category with saving grace.

Meet Edgar

Imagine you could capture the attention of all your followers at once. That’s exactly what Meet Edgar sets out to do. By reposting our posts & updates, Meet Edgar reaches out to people who might not have been active on social media during the first time when you posted your content.

Sprout Social

While Sprout Social’s content curation and publishing tools are praise-worthy, the place where it really shines is listening. Sprout Social’s listening tool allows you to monitor conversations relevant to your brand discover trends as it happens. You can also track people’s sentiments online about your brand as well as hot-button issues.

Content Creation tools


Dubbed as the “future of publishing” Canva democratises Graphic design by making it simple enough for the masses. Canva’s simple drag & drop mechanics lets amateurs feel like seasoned designers. You can build anything from Facebook posts to cover pictures to logos. Canva is a freemium product. While you can design to your heart’s content using thousands of free templates, you will be tempted towards the fancier templates usually starting from a dollar and up.

Mockups by Adparlor

Have you ever worked all day over a Facebook post only to find it being cropped by Facebook? It happened to me and happens to the best of us. Which is why I find Adparlor’s mockup tool a lifesaver. With the mockup generator tool, you can see how your ads look like in different ad formats without having to create several drafts for the same ad.


InVideo is one marketing tool every Facebook advertiser should have in their arsenal. If you are a small business trying to work on a budget or a large one trying to move creativity in-house Invideo is an amazingly simple video editor to create professional-quality videos.

Image Cropping and Resize by Small SEO tools

I tend to use this tool mostly when I’m using a public computer where I don’t have my usual set of photo editing apps. These are handy tools for anyone who wants to simple resizing and/or cropping on their ads.


I was a little confused about categorizing this nifty little product. Pagemodo has schedule planners and cross-platform posting capabilities like Hubspot. But since it lacks the power and finesse of its competition I feel highlighting its content creation platform would be more fitting.

Use Pagemodo’s ad creator to design posts, cover photos, and lead forms with Custom Tabs.


While Coolors is not exactly let you design anything, the color palette generator helps you stay creative with your design. By randomly generating a beautiful array of color palettes it lets your inner designer blossom.

Meme Generator

If you’re an advertiser in 2020 then you better believe that memes are awesome. You can create Memes easily with ImgFlip’s Meme generating tool that allows you to up the funny in minutes.

Facebook’s Marketing Tools

Text Overlay by Facebook

If you happen to be one of the few marketers on Facebook who is still unaware of Facebook’s 20% text rule we might excuse you. Facebook, however, might not. Violating the rule can result in lower ad reach or even outright rejection of your ads. Head over to Facebook’s overlay tool to check if your ads meet Facebook’s 20% rule.

Pages Manager

Pages Manager comes from Facebook’s development team. This app brings all the power of Facebook pages to your smartphone and lets you manage all your pages on the go.

Ads Manager

Ads Manager is also made by Facebook. However, compared to its desktop counterpart, there are fewer features available on the mobile version. I still end up using managers when I’m on the go or I want to publish an ad quickly.

Automation tools

Chat fuel

2019 saw an increase in chatbots and automation of customer service experience. We will see more chatbots and automation in 2020 as chatbots become easier to build and implement. Chatfuel is a bot builder Facebook marketers can use to build a bot fairly quickly without learning how to code.


Wit.ai builds on Artificial Intelligence to understand human commands, comments, and questions. Wit is considerably more complex and requires advanced knowledge of AI and bot building to function but the results are well worth the effort.


Zapier is a multi-functional automation tool that can be used for a wide range of functions. What we’ve found most useful for automating Contact and Lead forms. We have used Zaps previously to comfortably export our leads from Facebook forms to Google Sheets. What was life like before Zapier? Mostly downloading leads from the contact forms manually and adding them to an existing Google Sheet as new leads were found.

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