Have you ever visited a website only to find an Ad from them moments later in your Facebook Feed? Of course you have. If you're wondering how it's done, then let me introduce you to Facebook pixel (and how you can set it up for your website).

What is a pixel?

A pixel is a tiny snippet of code designed by Facebook to track and keep record of your website visitors. Pixel has many uses.

Once you have your Facebook Pixel installed in your website you can:

  • See the number of visitors in your website
  • Find out how many people bought something after seeing your ads
  • Optimize ads for more conversion
  • Create a custom audience based on Pixel audience

How do I set it up?

Firstly you will need to setup a business manager account

  1. Go to Business Settings in Business Manager.
  2. Select your business account.
  3. Click Events Manager.
  4. Click on Get Started.
  5. Type in a title for the  pixel.
  6. Optional: Enter your website URL.
  7. Click Continue.

    It gets technical from here but don't worry.

How to place the pixel in your website

  1. Click Setup Pixel.
  2. Choose Manually add pixel code to website.
  3. Go to your website's back-end and find the header.
  4. Copy & Paste the Entire Pixel Code under the header.
  5. Toggle active matching on.
  6. Send test traffic to see if pixel is installed.
Copy & Paste the Facebook code to your website

See also: How to set up a custom audience