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RANCON's Corporate Brand Identity

When RANCON changed its identity from RANGS, they wanted to build a trendsetting dynamic corporate brand identity through their motto “Challenging Convention”. We, the COdesign team, proposed a complete Dynamic Rebranding of RANCON and all its concerns with all guidelines and collaterals following a similar and adaptable theme which would be both visually pleasing and more recognizable. This form of dynamic re-branding would be the first of its kind for one of Bangladesh’s largest conglomerates.

Our objective was to re-brand the all the concerns in a uniform manner. The identity had to maintain a consistent corporate framework, and tie the company together.Be it real estate, auto industries, deep sea-fishing, security, electronics or hospitality.

The Challenge

The core idea was to embrace the vision of RANCON - “Challenge the Convention”. To instil the dynamism in the mother brand and all its SBUs without losing the consistency and the legacy of RANGS.

We came up with the idea of a dynamic logo system followed by homogeneous brand elements and guidelines which would bring all the elements of RANCONs together in a cohesive manner. We transformed the original logo into a modern adaptive triangular symbol which would be represented by the letter “A” in their corporate logo, thus unconventionally focusing on the second letter instead of the first. Each subsidiary would have a separate yet coherent symbol that would become a trademark for RANCON with the dynamic letter “A” changing by the concern it is representing.

Re-branding on such a massive scale was neither small nor easy. It required intensive research on our part and also cooperation from all the RANCON companies, their management team, and their employees. The RANCON leadership believed in the power of great brand identity and design and provided us with access to all of their branches, countless communication materials, and resources for our thorough understanding of the ins and outs of everything about them.

The Result

RANCON’s goal was to become a trendsetter through its identity and branding. Our team continuously brainstormed to plan and execute effective solutions for this dynamic identity which would be the first of its kind in Bangladesh.

This was the most sensible course of action for a versatile organization such as RANCON.

The Impact

To date, RANCON’s rebrand is the largest dynamic identity rebrand in Bangladesh and the first one for a local conglomerate. This re-branding has set trends by becoming a leading example in the market and the industries RANCON is involved in and led us to receive several client referrals through the project.

Our case study has served the design market locally by encouraging more and more clients to approach this new style of dynamic branding for their organizations and access more opportunities in the Bangladesh market.

This complete rebranding project was ideated and executed by COdesign, a design company in its third year of operations, leading to collaborations with some of the largest corporate establishments, groups of companies and brands to create a portfolio that exhibits solid experience in the world of branding.The Rancon Rebranding has won several accolades and received a Commaward in 2018.

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