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Codesign Celebrates 5-star Review!


One of the key components of a successful marketing strategy consists of a strong digital presence. But for companies who are trying to multitask between different aspects of a business, it can be hard to invest the time, resources, and dedication to build such a digital presence.

So, what can companies do?

That’s where Codesign comes to help. We combine our creativity and expertise to build the best product for our clients. It is our priority to derive meaning from the work we produce for clients so they can see their vision come to reality on their platform.

We have collaborated with a number of brands and companies, but in each one, we want to make sure that the unique focus of them all is retained in the design we present. We strive for perfection and face every challenge with a strong mindset so that we can be of the best service to each client. They have expectations of us, and we make it our goal to exceed them.

We are happy to announce that we recently received our first review on Clutch. Clutch is a B2B ratings platform that uses verified client reviews to rank solutions providers and recognizes top businesses across industries and geographic regions.

What makes this review so great is that our client chose to give us 5 stars for our service to them. Our client, Rancon Developments Ltd., was seeking a website design that would speak true to their brand and encourage more real estate buyers to look into the company.

We supported them by building the front and back ends of the site, while also helping with content creation. As a result of this, our client has noted that they have received multiple leads and also praise from their customers.

“Their design is top-notch. Their behavior was professional, and the delivery punctual.” - Administrator, Rancon Developments Ltd.

Clutch also hosts two sister sites, The Manifest and Visual Objects. The Manifest highlights top firms across industries, while Visual Objects boosts agencies’ online presence by serving as a portfolio-sharing platform.

Design and innovation are both integral parts to make a company successful. We recognize this and want to help our clients reach their fullest potential by supporting them by building an innovative design that speaks to who they are.

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