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Smart Jacket: The Future of Fashion is Here

Google partnered with Levi’s for Project Jacquard, an innovation that can change clothes into a touchscreen controller, enabling basic tasks to be performed while on the go, without any hassle.

The smart jacket is the perfect example of technology incorporated in fashion. It uses conductive yarn and connects over Bluetooth, a patch or a dongle, a touch sensitive area on the cuff that acts as an interface between the user and his/her phone. However, there is a slight issue; Jacquard can only support smartphone tasks that are partners with Google.

This product has been aimed primarily for urban cyclists, allowing commuters to find out everything from the route around an unknown alley via Google Maps to the estimated time of arrival, from the latest songs on Spotify to accepting or rejecting calls, from adjusting the volume to changing the tracks, all while they are cycling. The best feature is that all of the information is conveyed by audio, thus, making sure that cyclists do not get distracted. This in turn will go a long way in lowering bicycle crash statistics.

Jacquard stands as an example of incorporation of technology and denim wear, a multitouch sleeve that lets people control their Android phones without ever having to pull out of their jackets.

The design team could have picked any other item from the wardrobe like T-shirt or jeans to incorporate the dongle. However, they said, "In our research, we discovered that 70% of our customers have at least one jacket they wear more than three days a week." That is the reason why the jacket was picked.

While a lot of the consumers might worry about washing this, it has been designed in such a way that no special care is required while doing the laundry; just the Bluetooth cuff needs to be taken out.

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