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Basic Coding As An Important Skill

The digitally fast-paced world now does not require you to have an engineering degree stashed under your belt. Regardless of whether you are a writer, business analyst, or designer, the importance of coding in business is manifold.

From building your online portfolio to making your blog posts more interactive, basic coding skills could give you just the career boost you need. Most jobs now require a basic understanding of programming as a mandatory skill to have. In fact, you get more preference if you can present significant basics of coding in understanding how things work.

Besides, broadening your horizon couldn’t hurt. Not only will you be able to enhance your pool of knowledge but also have a better creative vision for what you want to see in your website, portfolio, how you want your content to appear to your users, etc. That is why it is almost crucial to get your hands dirty in the basics to learn to code.


Better at problem-solving

A line of code is like a puzzle - most of the time you have to figure out why it isn’t working. Not to scare you but that’s the beauty of coding: you have to turn it inside out to see what is or not working and if not, why. When you have an understanding of the basics of computer coding, you will have a deeper understanding of how the tools around you work. Moreover, this will equip you better with the habit of analysing each problem step by step.

The good news is that you can start learning regardless of your age, location, or specialization.

All you need are the seeds of initiative, access to tools, and a few tips on how to start this journey to self-growth. Here is why you should invest time in the basics of coding for beginners.

Opens scope for freelance work

No matter what your main bread-earner is, coding will help you gain the confidence for a lot of passion projects outside work. Participating in simple freelance coding jobs on Freelancer or Fiverr will not only earn you extra creds but also help you earn well. Moreover, you’ll find that you’ve developed the tenacity to pursue more challenging aspects of coding.

Better communication with the tech team

Let’s say that you are a project manager in a tech team with a business major. Communicating your clients’ requirements to the technical team is far easier when you have a good perception of basic HTML coding. You will be able to better communicate the feedback, the corrections, and even make suggestions on how to improve the output. It can be quite intimidating to communicate with your team when you are the odd one out. Now is a good time to really become part of the team.


Unexpected job opportunities

People with little to no background in computer science have been able to score jobs in unlikely career fields and are doing exceptionally well. Elon Musk and other legendary tech gods are the perfect examples of how they started off as software architects and have made a significant footprint in business development. Most business analysts need a basic understanding of computer coding to ensure a streamlined work process which ultimately leads to hefty promotions.

Become a recruit no one can reject

The benefits of programming knowledge include nourishing your resume full of skills new recruits in the same career path probably do not have. It gives you the additional push in selection preference as employers assess all that you can do and analyze where they can utilize your talents best. You might even end up at the top hierarchy as opposed to the position you applied for. Your aim will be to be the recruit they cannot give up on, you want them to fight for you. Learning basic coding language can carve a glittering future for your career path.


What is the importance of learning programming languages - the answer to this is perhaps a little clearer now. The truth is, everyone understands the importance of learning programming languages is. Everyone is jumping on the bandwagon to ensure they are at the forefront of future-proofing their careers. Whether it is to make your resume more weighted or for giving yourself a competitive edge, learning basic coding is an important part of personal development and now is a good time as any!

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